Various Benefits Of Lemon Oil

Beside lavender, lemon oil is one of the most useful oils. From adding flavor to water, aromatherapy, bath salts, lemon oil has wide variety of uses. Lemon oil is well known to be helpful for cleaning the skin and reducing wrinkles. It refreshing and sharpens the mind. It light up your mood, relieve fatigue and invigorating. Lemon essential oil also helps strengthen immune system. Here are some ways to use benefits of lemon oil.

 Benefits Of Lemon Oil

Benefits Of Lemon Oil

Taking care of the house
This tips only worked for floors not covered by carpet. A quarter cup of vinegar, five to ten drops of lemon oil, some pine to a bucket of water, stir them up and you got an effective cleaner that will clean even the dirtiest of floors in your hand.

Now for the carpet, sixteen to twenty drops of lemon oil mixed with a cup of baking soda left overnight in a sealed container will be enough. Just sprinkle them on the carpet, vacuum them and you're good to go.

Lemon oil can also be used to deal with the aforementioned vacuum cleaner. Just put three to seven drops of lemon oil on cotton and place it inside the vacuum bag. With the lemon scented cotton inside your vacuum cleaner you will refresh both your carpet and the air in your room.

One or two drops of lemon oil can remove those annoying sticky gum sticking under the table. You can also use it to clean stains in any surfaces, whether it is stains from oil, glue, grease or crayon. But make sure you tested it in isolated sample area to make sure you don’t end up ruining the surfaces.

Two or three drops of lemon oil mixed in with four oz. of water in a spray bottle can do wonder to clean the kitchen and sanitize all kind of surfaces.

A drop of lemon oil on your dishwasher before starting a cycle will results in crystal clear dishes.

Apply one to three drops of lemon oil to your cutting block surfaces to sanitize it.

An addition of one tea spoon of lemon oil to a cup of mineral oil will net you a polisher for your furniture.

Skin care
Lemon oil helps remove dead cells in skin, so mixing some drops of lemon juice into your skin cleansing products will help you get a healthier skin tone. Lemon oil based insect repellant also not a rarity.

If you have a wart you can apply lemon oil on it regularly in the morning and in the night to make it disappear.