Benefits Of Lemon Juice For Health

While its origin is unclear, lemon are believed to be coming from India, China and Burma before eventually comes to Italy, Europe in the first century. But it is clear and universally accepted fact that lemon has superb natural health benefits.Lemon is well known for its antioxidants and anti-cancercharacteristic; it has been used as cure for many disease and sickness. Its vitamin C is providing many health benefits, ranging from aiding immune systems, helping digestion system, lowering the risk of cancer, fasten the healing of wound to reduce the risk of heart attack.

Benefits Of Lemon Juice

Benefits Of Lemon Juice

It is even more amazing if you consider other benefits of lemon. Lemon juice can be used as disinfectant, stains remover, cookers cleaner and old wax removal. It can even be used as insecticide. It has so many benefits; the lemon is like the jack of all trade of fruits.

Even with its sour taste, lemon is alkaline food. It is really important to reduce the risk of cancer and other sickness. It helps to stabilize body pH levels to around seven. Lemons also purify the blood and a good toxin removal. Raw lemon juice has acid that will reduce the amount of sugar taken in by the blood from any food you eat. Cleaning up the kidneys and digestive system is another benefit of lemon juice. Detoxification is also one of many benefits of lemon juice.

Lemon’s peel contains pectin which itself contains fiber. Therefore routine consumption of lemon juice will help obese people to lose some fat.

As it is widely known, lemon juice is full of vitamin c. That characteristic ensures that daily consumption of raw lemon juice mixed in a glass of warm water will help your body to absorb calcium better. With its pro calcium traits, lemon also good for bone strength, building the bone of unborn baby and keep away osteoporosis.

Lemon juice is also a great pacifier for the nerve. It contains potassium, along with sharpening you concentration and memory it also sooth your nerves. So if you ever felt like unable to sleep because your mind is not at peace and your nerve is wrecking, take a glass of lemon juice and just chill out.

Lemon juice can help improve your immune system. With improved immune system you can reduce the risk of cancer, infection and catching a cold. Fresh lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water can also help relieve asthma if taken regularly.