Benefits Of Lemon Water For Your Health

Lemon water has been used for body cleansing for long. It helps the digestion process with daily consumption. Lemon is well known for being antibacterial and immunity strengthening traits. It helps digest foods and clean the liver, therefore lemon are very helpful in losing weight.

To get the benefits of lemon water, you have to make sure you're using purified water. You don’t need it to be hot, lukewarm is good enough, but avoid using cold water, since cold water will take more energy from your body to process. Fresh organic lemon is the one to choose, bottled lemon juice is a no go. Take half a lemon for a glass of water daily before you eat any food.

Benefits Of Lemon Water

Helps digestive system
Lemon juice consumed with water will take out toxins from the body. It is really similar to human saliva and digestive liquid, in atomic composition. Lemon water will encourage the production of bile from liver. Warm lemon wateris also recommended by The American Cancer Society for cancer patients to encourage their bowel movements.

Strengthen Body Immunity
Lemon are well known for containing high vitamin c, it is good to resist flu. Lemon’s potassium stimulates brain and calms the nerves, aside of stabilizing blood pressure. Vitamin c from lemon water can help to relieve asthma up to certain level, and it helps body to absorb iron better.

Stabilize pH balance
You might be a tad bit of confused as how lemon, sour and acid containing as it is can help to balance the pH levels.  But the truth is lemon’s citric acid doesn’t produce acidity after processed. Along with its citric acid the ascorbic acid are weak acid which is easy to process and distribute around so the mineral contained in the lemon will do its function as alkali for blood. As acidic pH means disease, lemon traits of stabilizing pH balance will help avoid disease.

Skin Cleaning

Lemon’s vitamin C and antioxidants will avoid wrinkles and blemishes. It makes your skin glows and resists acne. If applied directly to a scars or spots to make them less apparent. Lemon water also cleanse toxin in blood, it also clear the blemishes out of your skin while rejuvenated it.
Enlighten the mood

Lemons are one of the rarities that are container of negative charged ions. Negative charged foods supply more energy the body once they are digested. Lemon’s scent enlightened the mood. By simply smelling the scent of lemon you can ease your anxiety and depression.