Health Benefits Of Lemons For Your Body

The health benefits of lemons are well known far back from the Ancient Egypt. They believed that lemon can protect you against many kind of poison by eating and drinking its juice. And they are not wrong, present day scientist confirmed the health benefits of lemon.

For centuries many health benefits of lemon are widely known. Their antibacterial characteristic along with their usefulness in cleaning the liver, which help to lose weight, are two of their many health benefits. From citric acid, magnesium, calcium, pectin to the most obvious vitamin c, lemons are certainly well equipped to aid immunity and resist infection.

Health Benefits Of Lemons

Health Benefits Of Lemon

You might be familiar with those health benefits of lemon, but those are not all of the benefits. There are much more lemons have to offer for your health. Squeeze them for juice, boil them with tea, cut them up to be some cuisine’s dressing  or float them in your bath tub, make sure you did not missed out on natural health benefits of lemons.

Curing Acne
With citric acid contained in lemon, acne stands no chance. Not only acid, lemon also contains vitamin c that will take a very good care of your skin while dealing with bacteria that cause acne. You can drink lemon juice along with water to start your day, but there are additional steps to be taken to deal with acne more effectively;

Put some lemon juice on acne, preferably in the night before you go to bed. Use clean finger or cotton bud. Wash them off in the following morning. Burning sensation is to be expected, though briefly.

Make a mixture of fresh lemon juice and rose water or honey with equal ratio. Apply the mixture to acne then leave it for around half an hour. Clean it with water. Repeat twice a day in the morning and the night.

This is a natural remedy for acne, but in case of advanced states acne and if you have open wound, you should consult your doctor beforehand.

Calming the nerve
Studies show that a balm like mixture made of lemon essence can sooth your tense nerve. It also believed to take care of dizziness and fatigue. Lemon based oil can heighten concentration levels and awareness if inhaled.  That’s why it is commonly used as room freshener. So whenever you feel tired an tense use some lemon oil or lemon balm.