Various Benefits Of Lemon Peel

Lemon is widely popular, its bright color, refreshing scent and invigorating taste. While the lemon itself is widely regarded as all-purpose miracle fruit, the lemon peel usually just get discarded, thrown to the abyss of trash can. Which is very unfortunate, a real waste of a great source of nutrition.

Most people didn’t know that lemon peels are great source of minerals, vitamins, potassium, and fiber. In short, consumption of lemon peels can help to boost your diet.

Benefits Of Lemon Peel

Consuming lemon peels.

Before you eat any of those lemon peels, make sure you get organic lemons. You don’t want to consume any toxin and pesticides now, do you?

Scrap the zest out of your lemon peels, those zest can be used later to be ingredients for savory or sweet dishes. Put unused zest in the refrigerator for later use.

You can make lemon peels into lemon pepper and used them to season your foods. It is easy to make and very tasty.

You can also turn lemon peels into candy, or put it inside candies, or whatever. You can find many recipes of candied lemon peel on the internet. And while we are at it, you can also create lemon peels sugar. Sweet tooth satisfaction guaranteed.

You can also find many recipes on the internet for olive oil taste makeover. Lemon oil adds colorful flavor to the olive oil taste.

For some creativity and enrichment to your drinks you can put lemon peel into ice cubes. Make sure you avoid the bitter white pith though.

It might sound weird but there are actually recipes for herb and lemon zest butter.

Lemon peel for cleaning.

Lemon vinegar, made from lemon peel, is greats for grease removal. It is easy to make, you just put some lemon peels into a jar, add some white vinegar, seal the lid and leave it of fourteen days before you collect the resulting liquid. Mix this liquid with some water with equal ratio and you got yourself an all-purpose cleansing agent.

You can also slice a small amount of lemon peels and put them on any possible entrance where insects can goes through, to repel insects. Turn out lemon peels are not the favorite scent for ants, roaches and fleas. Placed inside a fridge, lemon peels can absorb fouls smells and spread refreshing citrus scent. And it’s not limited to a fridge, you can also put some lemon peels into the trash can for the same effect.